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 Guy Fawkes

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PostSubject: Guy Fawkes   Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:32 am

Guy Fawkes night is coming up! I am currently getting my animals ready for the big night, desensitizing them to the sight and sound of fireworks. This can be a truly horrible night for many people and pets alike. Cats go missing for days after, dogs jump through windows, horses panic and run through fences. I suggest that everyone prepares their pets and make sure that they are used to the noise.

If you go to Youtube, look up fireworks, there is this one which is quite good:

Now play the sound from your laptop, computer, phone or through the stereo very softly. Feed your pet treats and slowly turn the sound up. Do this during the day as well as at night, get someone to grab a torch and flash it on and off outside at night to get your pet used to the flashes. Make sure you take this slowly and feed them lots of yummy treats. I advise that we all do this every day until the big one.

Good luck everyone! queen
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Guy Fawkes
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