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 Welcome from the Admin

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PostSubject: Welcome from the Admin   Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:16 pm

Welcome to the clicker training forum for all animals big and small. I hope that you enjoy it here. I hope that this will be a place where people can come and chat about clicker training. I recognize how annoying it is if you have different types of animals and want to join a forum, but end up joining several different forums-one for each animal. Since I would rather have a forum for all animals that is what I'm doing. So whether you have a horse or a mouse, come and join in!

I am Emma and personally own a cat and two guinea pigs. Our cocker spaniel and our other little cat are really family pets (so I can't claim to own them!) Wink

Meet the Zoo!

Hemi                     Buttons                        Tika                             Ida and Sparkles

I remember that me and my brothers received a dog training set for Christmas after we got Hemi. It contained a book, DVD and Clicker which I've still got. Out of the three of us I was the one who really took it up. I've loved training ever since. My dream job was to work with animals, and that is what I'm doing now! Having had nearly a whole year to recover from IBS/Endometriosis and Hypothyroidism, I'm putting that time into good use to build a website and a small business making and selling agility equipment for small animals.

I'm looking forward to meeting and talking (writing) with you. Very Happy bounce bounce bounce
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Welcome from the Admin
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